Mandatory equipment

All athletes, at the expense of disqualification or penalty, commit to take with them throughout the length of the entire race the following mandatory equipment:

  • backpack that can hold the material listed below (disqualification)
  • waterproof jacket designed to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains (disqualification)
  • long sleeves, 3/4 pants, gloves and hat (the organization reserves to integrate this equipment on the basis of the actual weather conditions by giving notice on the website in the days before the race; also it reserves, again based on weather conditions, to recommend athletes to wear the 3/4 pants at the start of the race) (disqualification) (*)
  • survival blanket (disqualification)
  • whistle (30 minutes penalty)
  • headlamp with spare batteries for the 64K race (disqualification); the participants in the 45K race will necessarily have to have the headlamp if they are to pass from the mountain cabin Rifugio Pedrotti after 5:00 PM (after this time anyone who will be found lacking the lamp will be disqualified, stopped  and will be accompanied by the organization – so we recommend all participants of the 45K race to bring the headlamp to be on the safe side!)
  • adhesive elastic band suitable for making a bandage or a strapping (min. length 80cm X 5cm) (disqualification)
  • Fully charged cell phone, no hidden ID and number of the organization stored in the contacts list (disqualification)
  • Personal glass (there will be no glasses in the refreshment points)
  • reserve of minimum 1 litre of water (30 minutes penalty)
  • food reserves (30 minutes of penalty)

The use of poles is allowed, but they must be carried for the entire duration of the race.

The change of material is allowed only at the refreshment points. Athletes who might be caught while being assisted along the way (material changes, escorts, refreshments, …) will be disqualified.

The organization reserves the right to carry out random checks on all of the above prior to departure, during the races and upon arrival.

Imaginative variations are not allowed with respect to what is indicated (e.g. a short-sleeved shirt and muffs instead of the long-sleeved shirt cannot be accepted).

The requested material may vary according to the weather conditions forecast for the day of the race. In this case, the organization will promptly notify you through the available channels (e-mail, website, Facebook).

Material check

The mandatory material will be checked before departure. Athletes without the expected material will not be able to leave for the race.

Exposed traits

The race is run entirely on “hiking” trails (CAI-SAT classification). The paths are the same that hikers walk on foot to reach refuges and peaks. Of course there will be some sections more exposed than others There are two points where particular attention should be paid. The first point is located immediately after the first refreshment point: in this section the path is , but has a strong exposure on the right. To facilitate hikers there is a metal cord attached to the rock. The second point is located on the Bogani path, just before the Brentei refuge. Also in this case the path is wide and has a metal safety cord. It should also be noted that during the hike to the Bocca di Brenta (to reach the Pedrotti shelter) a variant will be made to avoid an equipped stretch of a few hundred meters which allows you to climb a rocky outcrop. We will go around the spur from the left going up a steep scree. Apart from the steep slope, there will be no particular problems. It will then be necessary to pay attention in the very first part of the descent from the Pedrotti shelter towards Molveno.

Park rules

The race takes place in the “Adamello Brenta Park”. Here you will find the 10 most important rules to respect the park. 

Our races join the campaign “I DO NOT THROW MY WASTE” (Io non getto i miei rifiuti) promoted by Spirito Trail ( and addressed to all true travelers, athletes and organizers, to protect the environment and nature. Greater awareness will help make everyone understand that racing trail can not ignore this simple rule: do not throw trash on the ground!