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registrations open until August 28

Every time you have found yourself without strength, with your legs that tell you “enough”,
every time your knees, at every step, seemed to break,
whenever rain, cold, wind and loneliness made you say “why”,
every damn time, you remember why you’re a trail runner.
Because in those moments you are alive.
More than ever.

A journalist friend a few years ago told us that every trail runner, at least once,
should run on the trails of the Xterra Dolomiti di Brenta Trail.
It is not a question of winning, losing, making time or being able to say “I was there”:
the DBT is a different race, in which, out of rhetoric, it’s you, your fatigue and the mountains.
Yes, the mountains.
The Brenta Dolomites are hard, authentic, they don’t give you anything for free:
they are mountains for mountaineers,
of those who ask you for a sacrifice every time, made up of effort and dedication.
But they know how to give a lot in return,
whether you decide to face them by running or climbing the peaks.

If you have already taken the DBT, you know it.
If you haven’t, you should find out.

Registration closes on 28 August. Call a friend, pack your backpack, check your gear, and get ready to run. The rest is just bar talk.