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The XTERRA Trail Run World Series aims to unify the entire global XTERRA trail run community in a single series that is inclusive and accessible for any and all trail run enthusiasts around the world.

Different to the many elite and performance-focused series that exist, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series combines three of XTERRA’s dearest values: Challenge, Adventure, and Community, to create a series that is open to all, provides the opportunity to explore the most beautiful trails the world has to offer, and to do so in the company of one of the friendliest communities in the racing industry.

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The XTERRA Trail Run World Series connects the entire trail running community through a global rankings system, regional championships, and for those who qualify – the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship. Following a similar system to the esteemed XTERRA Triathlon Series, each race in Trail Run World Series will provide a limited number of slots that will allow the top runners in each age group to qualify for the annual, invite-only XTERRA Trail Run World Championship. During the season, there will also be three regional championship races to determine the XTERRA Champion of the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Schedule of Events:

The XTERRA Trail Run World Series consists of Marathon (35km – 60km) and Half Marathon (15km – 34km) races.

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For the duo category, participants may start at the same time as the individual competitors, but must finish within 30” of each other in order to qualify for the Trail Run World Series points system or championship slots. Additionally, Duo Teams must pass all checkpoints within 30” of each other and remain visually within 10 meters of each other throughout the race. Duo Teams are allowed to connect to each other via a racing leash/bungee cord to ensure they remain within the required distance throughout the race. More info

Perhaps most significant for those not pushing for a championship crown, the series is also underpinned by the XTERRA Trail Run World Series Ranking – a custom points system that takes into account position, participation, distance, and segments to allow runners to compete individually, regionally, and internationally.


The XTERRA Trail Run World Championship is an annual, invite-only event in which participants must qualify by winning age group slots at qualifying events.

XTERRA Trail Run World Championship:

Qualification Rules:

The prize money will be distributed to the 2023 top 3 men/women finishers at the 21K & 45K distances as follows:

Total Prize Money: 5200€

45K XTERRA Dolomiti Di Brenta Trail: Total 4000€

1st man/woman: 1000€

2nd man/woman: 600€

3rd man/woman: 400€

21K XTERRA Dolomiti Di Brenta Trail: Total 1200€

1st man/woman: 300€

2nd man/woman: 200€

3rd man/woman: 100€

You do not need to qualify to participate at the event. The race is open to all amateur and elite athletes

All athletes must upload a medical certificate for competitive sports and consent form on their Wedosport athlete profile.

For foreign athletes there is a specific form to be filled in by the doctor in their country:

Athletes who have not delivered the required documentation will not receive the bib and will not be able to start.

When collecting the bibs, each athlete must also show a valid identity document.

The bags can be deposited in a unattended room at the Palacongressi in Molveno (please do not leave valuable objects in the bags). Some lockers with key for small bags or backpacks are available at the swimming pool adjacent to the conference center. They can be used until exhaustion. The access to these areas is allowed only to athletes.

The registration fee includes the supply of the GPS tracker for both 45K and 64K athletes. The tracker is foreseen by regulation as mandatory equipment for each athlete, for this reason each member is required to withdraw the device and use it during the course of the whole race, under penalty of disqualification.

Upon arrival, all athletes are required to return the device to the staff in charge. In case of loss and / or non-return, the athlete will be charged a compensation of € 150 corresponding to the value of the tracker.


on the site there are detailed descriptions of the two race routes and it is possible to access the “Trace de trail” page where you can download the track used by ITRA for the evaluation of our race routes.

the Dolomiti di Brenta Trail runs entirely on “hiking” trails (classification CAI-SAT). The paths are the same that hikers walk to reach shelters and peaks. Of course there are some traits that are more exposed than others, in particular there are two points in which particular attention should be paid. The first point is located immediately after the first refreshment point: in this section the path is comfortable, but has a strong exposure on the right. To facilitate hikers there is a metal cord fixed to the rock. The second point is located along the Bogani path, just before the Brentei refuge. Also in this case the path is wide and has a metal safety cord. I would also like to point out that during the ascent to the Bocca di Brenta (to reach the Pedrotti refuge) a variant will be made to avoid an aided stretch of a few hundred meters that allows you to go up a rocky spur. We will go around the spur from the left going up a steep scree. Apart from the high slope there will be no particular problems. It will then be necessary to pay some attention in the very first part of the descent from the Pedrotti refuge towards Molveno.

A voucher will be distributed together with the bib to be displayed on the dashboard of the car. Parking will be allowed on Friday evening and on Saturday all day (not Sunday). The parking reserved for athletes is located exactly in front of the building where the bibs are distributed and will be indicated by specific signs.

as long as the registrations are open it is possible to transfer your registration to another athlete. It will be possible to request the transfer of your registration from one distance to another only if there are bibs available for the destination distance. If a waiting list is activated, it will no longer be possible to make replacements and changes. For each replacement / variation, a flat rate of € 5 will be required as secretarial expenses.

Yes, only if there are places available, by writing directly to Wedosport at the email address

as indicated in the regulation, in case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure there is no refund of the registration fee. There is no refund of the registration fee even in the event of an athlete unable to participate in the race.
Due to the health situation, no beds will be available in the gym.

In case of early closure due to depletion of race numbers, Wedo will manage a waiting list from which to draw any reserves (payment of the registration fee for those on the waiting list can only be made by credit card). The complete procedures for managing the waiting list will be indicated by Wedo at the time of activation.