In case of early closure due to depletion of race numbers, Wedo will manage a waiting list from which to draw any reserves (payment of the registration fee for those on the waiting list can only be made by credit card). The complete procedures for managing the waiting list will be indicated by Wedo at the time of activation.

Yes, only if there are places available, by writing directly to Wedosport at the email address iscrizioni@wedosport.net

As indicated in the regulation (and specified on the “Registration” page of this site), there is no refund of the registration fee if an athlete decides, for any reason, not to participate in the event.

All athletes must upload a medical certificate for competitive sports and consent form on their Wedosport athlete profile.

For foreign athletes there is a specific form to be filled in by the doctor in their country: https://www.dolomitidibrentatrail.it/medical_certificate_DBT.pdf

Athletes who have not delivered the required documentation will not receive the bib and will not be able to start.

When collecting the bibs, each athlete must also show a valid identity document.

The registration fee includes the supply of the GPS tracker for both 45K and 64K athletes. The tracker is foreseen by regulation as mandatory equipment for each athlete, for this reason each member is required to withdraw the device and use it during the course of the whole race, under penalty of disqualification.

Upon arrival, all athletes are required to return the device to the staff in charge. In case of loss and / or non-return, the athlete will be charged a compensation of € 150 corresponding to the value of the tracker.

We have fifty places available at Palazzetto di Molveno. You can book a spot on the Wedosport page at the time of registration, if the option is no longer visible it means that the available places are sold out. Anyone staying in the gym must have a camp bed and/or a sleeping bag. The overnight stay in the gym is scheduled only for Friday night (not Saturday night).

A room (always open) will be made available at Palazzetto di Molveno where you can leave a bag. The room will not be supervised and will be freely accessible to all the people present in the building.

A voucher will be distributed together with the bib to be displayed on the dashboard of the car. Parking will be allowed on Friday evening and on Saturday all day (not Sunday). The parking reserved for athletes is located exactly in front of the building where the bibs are distributed and will be indicated by specific signs.