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trail and solidarity

Many things unite those who love running in nature, and among them a special sensitivity to those in need.

Certainly, then, the Dolomiti di Brenta Trail’s initiative to donate part of the fees collected from 2022 registrations to a humanitarian project in Nepal will make its participants happy.

It is a dream many years ago by mountaineer Fausto de Stefani that, with the support of Montura, has become a reality.

Today it is called Fondazione Senza Frontiere – ONLUS and promotes aid projects and self-managed evolution in economically developing countries. These include the “Rarahil Memorial School” project in Kirtipur, a town not far from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. A school that offers support to many children in need, enabling them to remain in their environment and with their families while simultaneously educating themselves and finding their own way. A group of local educators and a facility of excellence offer art workshops, a canteen open to the population, outpatient clinics active in the prevention and treatment of diseases otherwise difficult to address, and many other services.

Fausto De Stefani will be in Molveno again this year to receive our donation.

To run is to give space to thoughts, thoughts that, as Murakami wrote, resemble clouds wandering in the sky, passing guests. But if with those thoughts you can contribute to the construction of a project you believe in … well, what value every step takes.

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